Icon Strategies with main award in the biggest Polish PR contest


Icon Strategies with main award in the biggest Polish PR contest



We have been awarded in b2b category for a campaign “Smart Cities from Orange” for Orange Poland.

Together with Orange Polska, we realised a major #b2b project “Smart City from Orange”, which, after two major awards in the PR Wings competition (b2b and effectiveness of the year), was recognised as the best in the b2b category in Złote Spinacze 2023, the biggest competition of the #PR industry, organised by the Polish Public Relations Consultancies Association.


This is a beautiful end to a busy year for us.


Orange offers Polish local governments a wide range of smart city management solutions that increase the comfort and safety of residents and reduce the costs of city management. Telecom directs its offer primarily to small and medium-sized cities, in an attempt to break the stereotype of smart solutions as unattainable for smaller towns and cities.


We have effectively assisted in this effort by communicating with local government representatives, building the first in its category educational programme on smart cities for local government representatives, and engaging tens of thousands of residents of small and medium-sized Polish cities in activities related to the promotion of smart solutions.


Our partners in this activity were the best smart city specialists in Poland, as well as the Association of Polish Cities. Communication activities lasted more than a year.