Crisis management


Crisis management

We help organisations work through crisis situations by minimising reputational and financial losses. Afterwards, we advise organisations on how to regain trust and rebuild their reputations.

Crisis communication plans

We map the reputational risks of the organisation, and, on this basis, construct crisis communication plans, offering guidance to boards of directors on how to deal with reputation crises. When constructing crisis communication plans, we specify who the crisis-management team should consist of. In the case of an emergency, we cooperate with this team in the introduction of crisis-management procedures.

Crisis communication management

When crisis situations appear, we become a part of the crisis-management team and follow the crisis-management plans (if they exist) to help organisations minimise the impacts of situations negatively influencing their reputations.

Post-crisis reputation strategies

The termination point of the crisis situation is a natural start for the implementation of a post-crisis reputation strategy. We carry out an in-depth analysis of the influence of the crisis situation on all aspects of the organisation’s operations, and, on this basis, develop post-crisis reputation strategies, the aim of which is to regain trust and rebuild the organisation’s reputation and position in the market.