Icon Strategies for the Norwegian ERP firm RamBase


Icon Strategies for the Norwegian ERP firm RamBase



RamBase, a company owned by the Norwegian holding company Hatteland and a producer of entirely cloud-based ERP software for industrial companies, has chosen Icon Strategies as its public relations agency in Poland.

Although recently on the Polish ERP solutions market, RamBase was founded as early as 1992 to support the international business of the Hatteland holding to which it belongs. In 2016, the system began to be offered commercially.


Michał Sobiło, managing director of Icon Strategies:


The Norwegians plan to convince industrial companies operating in Poland to choose their solution due to, among other things, the short implementation time, which can be as little as eight weeks, and the innovative approach to the way their solution is financed. This is a small revolution in the industry, and we will be happy to support it with communication.


Scope of Icon Strategies’ activities


The Icon Strategies team has been responsible for public relations activities including strategic PR consultancy, media relations, social media activities and content management since the beginning of the year. It also supports the RamBase team in communicating with the company’s partners in Poland. She reports to RamBase’s global communications team in Norway.


Anne Louise Våge Mikkelsen, Brand Manager at RamBase:


The Icon Strategies team is distinguished by its knowledge of specific ERP solutions and investments in the area of new technologies. The agency’s consultants help us to effectively use the potential of the Polish market and communicate with the key addressees of our activities through constant advisory and activities in the area of media cooperation and social media communication – says Anne Louise Våge Mikkelsen, Brand Manager at RamBase. – “What’s important is that we can count on their constant support, in this sense they are a bit like our system, which works in ‘always on’ mode – Anne Louise Våge Mikkelsen adds jokingly.


Icon Strategies was selected by recommendation.


About RamBase


Running in the cloud, RamBase ERP Cloud is dedicated to industrial companies with highly customised needs. The system was developed for in-house use by the Norwegian industrial concern Hatteland, which, under the RamBase brand, now also offers its solution to other industrial companies.


The system allows managing processes in the areas of production, sales, purchasing, warehousing and financial management.


RamBase ERP Cloud, apart from shorter by about 75% implementation time than in the case of ERP systems of a similar scale, is also characterised by a predictable, quantifiable in time and significantly lower (on average by 77%) total cost of ownership of the system (TCO) in comparison with the “On-Premise” solutions.


More about RamBase: https://www.rambase.com.