Hispasión is a language school specialising in Spanish language learning. It employs only native speakers from Spain and Latin America. Its founder is Yunuen Martinez Garcia, a Mexican who lives permanently in Poland.



There are dozens of language schools in Silesia (region in the south of Poland), including branches of some of the largest national language schools with very large advertising budgets. The founder of Hispasión, a Mexican Spanish teacher, had nothing but years of professional experience and the ambition to create the best Spanish language school in the region.

Strategy and implementation

The competition analysis showed that Silesia was dominated by schools teaching multiple languages, including Spanish, with English being the leading language taught in these schools. There was a lack of schools specialising exclusively in Spanish. In addition, the teaching teams of the incumbent schools were only a small proportion of qualified native speakers, and the employment of teachers whose mother tongue was Spanish was rare.


We started with a name that clearly indicated the school’s specialisation. We also decided on an unprecedented in the industry prominence of the school’s founder in all communications, who became the ambassador and face of the school. We used the asset of Hispasión’s beauty, ovality and smile to create video-based messages.


In Hispasión’s communication, we focused on social channels, mainly Facebook. In the first two years, we gathered an engaged community of several thousand people around the Hispasión brand.


In addition to educational videos, we highlighted native speakers from Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina joining the team.


We also gave those interested in learning at Hispasión the opportunity to meet them at open meetings.


The chosen strategy made it possible to extract several thousand enthusiasts of the Spanish language from among the inhabitants of Silesia, who appreciated not only the quality of the classes but also the atmosphere brought by the team of Latin American and Spanish lecturers.


Today, Hispasión is the largest Spanish language school in Silesia.


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