Shaping of CEOs’ and managers’ image

We take care of the recognition and reputation of CEOs and key companies’ managers. In this way, we create added value for the reputation management activities of the organisations they lead or will lead in the future, when looking for new career opportunities.

CEOs’ and managers' image on the web

Cooperating closely with our client’s management team, we plan and coordinate the presence of its members on the web. We link these activities with constant monitoring of the internet, and with crisis-management support if any negative information related to our clients appears.

Leaders’ positioning inside and outside the company

We help leaders representing their organisations to effectively and appropriately communicate with employees and with external audiences. We select events and speaking opportunities for the organisation’s key managers, as well as advising them on what, when and how to communicate inside the company. We support leaders in best exploiting their media presence, by giving them advance preparation in the media relations area.