ICB Pharma

ICB Pharma

ICB Pharma is a family business, operating internationally, and one of the most innovative chemical companies in its sector.


Nowadays, ICB Pharma’s scientists create innovative products, for the three main ICB Pharma Divisions – Health Care, Crop Solutions and Pest Innovations – which are present in several markets on most continents.

Communication strategy

A couple of dozen ICB Pharma products are present in several countries on most continents. Information on some of them is communicated by the ICB Pharma communications team, direct, and on the rest, by distributors.

When developing the ICB Pharma communication strategy, we took account of managing the reputation of both the company and its products. Communication activities regarding products have been divided between the company and its numerous distributors, worldwide.

The communication strategy of the company and its products included the following sections: corporate communication, product communication, online communication of both the company and its products, including social media, corporate social responsibility, sponsoring, employer branding and internal communication.

Communication plan in social media

Based on the detailed communication strategy, we created a plan of communication on social media for both the company and its products, defining the key communication channels and the content to be communicated within each of them.


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